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Long Beach Alliance for Children with Asthma (LBACA)


Coalition Overview

Long Beach Alliance for Children with Asthma (LBACA) in Long Beach, California targets one of the most ethnically diverse cities in the U.S. The geographic catchment area is the city of Long Beach, with focused intervention on ethnically diverse, mostly Latino, low-income children. Long Beach comprises nearly 50 square miles at the southernmost end of Los Angeles County and is the fifth largest city in California. Almost 150,000 children under 18 years of age reside in the city of Long Beach, with 24,717 (17%) residing in the target area, of which an estimated 15% are children with asthma.

LBACA was formed in response to the Allies Against Asthma request for proposals. Long Beach has a strong tradition of community-based efforts with broad participation, although none had previously focused on asthma. In response to the funding opportunity, a core group of people in the community who had collaborated on previous efforts came together to develop the coalition and apply for this grant.

LBACA's activities, described below, placed families in the center of community-wide efforts to improve asthma management. These efforts included enhanced individual/family management; enhanced provider, school and after-school expertise and support; increased community awareness of asthma; and enhanced policies and environmental measures to reduce environmental exposures. At the core of the coalition's activities were several programs to facilitate coordination of asthma management efforts between family, provider, school and community health workers, with efforts to improve environments, raise awareness in the community and promote asthma friendly policies being sustained by the coalition. 

LBACA continues to build upon the Allies work funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.  With current support from The California Endowment, The University of Southern California (USC), and the Miller Foundation, LBACA continues to expand coalition membership and activities into the greater Long Beach area and surrounding communities, improve school and after-school program management and prevention of childhood asthma, and conduct outdoor air monitoring through a study with USC of eight local schools.  It also:

  • expanded the Community Health Worker program and outreach efforts into new areas of Long Beach
  • provided PACE training to local additional providers
  • continued local policy efforts to include decreasing household environmental triggers and improvements in outdoor air quality
  • continued the Tools for Schools program

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Key LBACA Activities and Downloadable Products

Materials about LBACA:

  Map of strategic plan (.doc)
  LBACA fact sheet  (.pdf) /   Spanish version  (.pdf)

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With health care providers:

Physician Asthma Care Education (PACE): improves physician skills for treating patients with asthma; trained physicians have access to LBACA's Community Health Worker and Medical Assistant training programs (see below)

Comprehensive Care Model at the Children's Clinic:

  Care model  (.pdf)
  Clinical asthma checklist (.pdf)
  Asthma patient rights and responsibilities (.pdf) /   Spanish version (.pdf)
  Provider educational flipchart (English/Spanish) (.pdf) 

Medical Assistant Training: offered training in asthma prevention, management, education and medication administration

  Promotional flyer (.doc)

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In the home and about housing:

Community Health Worker (CHW) Program: provides in-home visits to educate families, perform home environmental assessments and link families with clinical care and other referred services

  CHW successes and barriers (.pdf)
  Reducing triggers in the home English/Spanish)  (.pdf)

Asthma Education and Training for Housing Owners and Residents: instructed landlords, inspectors, maintenance vendors and tenants to reduce indoor asthma triggers

  Landlord handout  (.pdf)
  Landlord-tenant checklist  (.pdf)
  Long Beach housing rights sheet for tenants  (.pdf)

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In the school and childcare centers:

School Nurse Training: provided asthma recognition, management and medication delivery training

  Asthma 101 for school nurses (.ppt, 1.8 MB)

Open Airways for Schools : asthma management program for schools that educated students with asthma, parents and school staff

Tools for Schools:  environmental management program for schools that prevents and remedies indoor air quality problems

Air Quality Flags: colored flags, consistent with the EPA's color-coded air quality index, were provided to schools to be raised on the flagpole to indicate poor air quality days when chidren's outdoor physical activities should be limited

  Concept paper   (.doc)
  Flag (.ppt)

Asthma Education and Training for Other Providers: educated and trained front-line staff at after-school, Head Start, recreation and child care sites to increase asthma awareness and management skills as well as help develop asthma friendly policies and procedures

  Presentation: We CAN control asthma now (.ppt, 1.8 MB)
  Handout: When a child in your care has asthma (.doc)

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In the community and clinic:

Asthma Resource Center: located in the heart of the priority community, provides residents access to basic asthma information, resources and referral services

  Brochure (English/Spanish) (.pdf) 

Policy and Legislative Efforts: participation in local and regional efforts to improve air quality and support community involvement in such efforts

  What can we do to fight air pollution? (.pdf)

Asthma 101: classes to educate parents and children

  Asthma basics slide presentation  (.ppt) /   Spanish version  (.ppt)
  Asthma jeopardy game (.ppt)
  Pre test (.pdf) /   Spanish version (.pdf)
  Post test (.pdf) /   Spanish version  (.pdf)

Community Forums and Media Campaign: in conjunction with community partners, raises awareness and increases knowledge of asthma and asthma-related issues within the general public

  Fresh Air media campaign terms (.doc)
  Fresh Air flyers/posters  (.pdf)

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Other LBACA activities and products:

Educational Materials for Parents

  Asthma and school brochure (Spanish/English)   (.pdf)
  Asthma Action Plan (.pdf) /   Spanish version  (.pdf)
  Asthma and exercise brochure (.pdf) /   Spanish version (.pdf)
  Giving asthma medications brochure (Spanish/English)  (.pdf)
  Asthma triggers brochure (Spanish/English)  (.pdf)
  Test for control  (.pdf) /   Spanish version  (.pdf)
  Rule of Twos handout (Spanish/English)    (.pdf)
  When to keep child home from school (.pdf) /   Spanish version (.pdf)

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Materials about LBACA

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Other LBACA activities and products



Elisa Nichols, MD, MSPH
Project Director


Elina Green