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Find valuable asthma-related materials and resources to assist your program.  At the end of funding, Allies Against Asthma transitioned its Resource Bank to the Communities in Action for Asthma Friendly Environments on-line Network, an initiative of the Indoor Environments Division of the US Environmental Protection Agency.  Resources were updated and catalogued and many are now available electronically. The bank offers a dynamic resource rating system, electronic file download and upload, and advanced search options.

  Asthma Programs with an Environmental Component:  A Review of the Field and Lessons for Success

This final report of the Asthma Health Outcomes Project (AHOP) describes factors associated with successful asthma programs.  AHOP grew from the Allies coalitions' desire to know more about successful asthma programs and was conducted by the Center for Managing Chronic Disease, University of Michigan under a cooperative agreement with the Indoor Environments Division of the US Environmental Protection Agency.  The project reached beyond academic research programs to include local and community-based efforts, all reporting having an environmental component and having improved at least one asthma-related health outcome. The report also includes frequency data on characteristics of 223 programs, direct quotations from program key informants, and a short description of and contact information for each program.  

 An exploration of community coalitions as a means to address overweight and obesity

In October 2006, representatives of the Allies coalitions came together to talk about how the knowledge, experience and lessons they gained through their coalition work could help their communities address the significant challenge being posed by the high rates of overweight and obesity.  This 20 page report documents the results of their conversations and thoughts regarding the strengths of a coalition-based approach to obesity and other chronic diseases.














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